Changes start small

Did you know that we deployed our first all-electric company vehicle back in 2012?PCG – Beyond the surface.
More about sustainability and environmental protection

As a family-owned company we have always been thinking of tomorrow – and beyond today’s success. The topic of “sustainability” has been a continuous companion in our corporate development since its foundation in 1953. Sustainability in terms of care and responsibility for our employees, but, of course, also to keep environmental impact by our products and manufacturing plants as low as possible.

Today, our company is firmly in family hands in the third generation. And the values established by and for ourselves are more relevant than ever before. After all the next generations should also lead the PLC Group into a sustainably successful future. We are strong in lacquer and conscious in action. This is how we proceed into the future.


Did you know that we have been generating electricity with our own photovoltaic system since 2010? On the roof of our raw materials storage we generate electricity for Stadtwerke Detmold on a surface of approx. 350 sqm.


Did you know that we use energy-saving LED lighting in all our company buildings? Therefore, this sustainable technology has been installed in all existing halls as well as in all new buildings.


Did you know that we have been heating 75% of our production and storage area in a climate-neutral way with a district heating system since 2015? Our district heating energy is generated from renewable raw materials.

Transport safety and water protection

Did you know that we always pay attention to comprehensive water protection when transporting our chemicals and paints? For this purpose, we work, among other things, with special drain covers, absorbents, shut-off devices for the sewer system and drain trays at the filling stations for the tankers.


Did you now that we bought our first all-electric company car as early as 2012? By now we have over 10 fully electrically powered vehicles. From forklift trucks to transporters for factory traffic to company passenger cars. Furthermore, we have several hybrid vehicles in the corporate fleet.

  • Production of solar energy and supply to the public grid.
  • Use of electric vehicles
  • Responsibility for handling hazardous material on the road
  • Use of C02-neutral heating energy

By taking the above measures we aim to achieve these sustainability goals.

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