Water-based coatings

Our pigmented and transparent systems are highly resistant. Most of the liquid coatings have a low formaldehyde content and consequently are not subject to labelling. Not only Mini-Martindale-resistant but also haptic and structured finishes can be realized.

Most of the liquid coatings are not subject to labelling, highly resistant to chemicals, with excellent scratch resistance and several feels and effects.

Radiation-curing coatings

Whether UV-conventional, UV-inert or ESH – with our systems you obtain finishes that are extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals. Finishes with top coat and effect finishes are also possible.

Suitable for excimer, many different gloss levels, flexible coating films, VOC-free, different curing processes.

Solvent-based coating

The solvent-based PU systems are very suitable for low drying temperatures and high speeds. And in addition, without troublesome straightening of the paper fibres.

Large process window, high speeds.

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