PLANTAG® Coatings established a modern practical technology centre for their own development and training requirements. On a surface of over 1.000 square metres this technology centre allows not only for practical applications but also for theoretical training and further training of customers, own staff and students. With the machinery of this technology centre we can even simulate complex coating line processes.

Sophisticated surface technology under real life conditions

Sophisticated surface technology
under real life conditions

PLANTAG® Coatings’ technology centre has been established to meet with the customers’ many different demands. Here you can apply coating systems without interrupting the customer’s own production process. But the customer can actively cooperate to create his coating structure and test new application technologies together with our technicians and chemists.

The demands to the coating industry are increasing, in particular, regarding the implementation of the new VOC regulations. The processes become more complex due to the change from solvent-based coatings to water-based  and UV systems. More and more you have to consider the whole structure which starts with grinding and stops at the mechanical and chemical requirements to the surface. This has been taken into account regarding the equipment of the technology centre. We started a cooperation with the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University in order not to limit the competence to the field of industrial coating technology but to consider also the pre-treatment of the pieces to be coated. Within the framework of this cooperation the University is pleased to answer the questions regarding the subjects wood, wood materials and material tests. And in return the students are trained in our technology centre in the surface technology field.

We are pleased to invite our customers to simulate the coating processes on our plants.

The equipment in our technology centre

  • 2-belt grinding machine
  • Filling machine
  • Roller coating machine 1
  • Roller coating machine 2
  • Double rolling machine with distributor unit
  • Pore printing machine
  • ESH-System
  • Fusion-Dryer
  • IST Metz LED UV Dryer
  • UV dryer 1
  • Spraying machine
  • Jet dryer
  • Spray station
  • Oil application plant
  • Test laboratory
 University Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of applied sciences

University Ostwestfalen-Lippe
University of applied sciences

Cooperation with the TH OWL

Successful coating concepts require deep knowledge about pre-treatments and the material characteristics of the material to be coated. For this reason the PCG Group cooperates closely with the OWL University regarding several research projects. In return students are offered events in the PCG Group’s technology centre and are given detailed insights into the world of coating technology.

Technisch Hochschule OWL

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