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PLANTAG starts operating with an automated warehouse

Investment at the Detmold facility


Plantag Coatings GmbH from Detmold put a new warehouse into operation in the spring. With this, the company further secures its ability to deliver by expanding its storage capacity and consistently continues on the path it has taken towards automated and digital processes.


More than 700 pallet spaces are located on five floors with 6 rows of shelves. “Our focus was, among other things, on an automated but flexible storage storage system,” says CEO Hanno Baumann. Therefore, both raw materials and finished goods can be flexibly stored in the warehouse and three different pallet types with weights of up to 1,500 kg can be stored.


Another innovative feature is the driverless transport system available 24/7, which is supported by W-LAN, reflectors and laser scanners. Automatic weight and contour measurement takes place during storage. The storage location is selected automatically by the system. Storage and retrieval also take place automatically without human intervention. The warehouse has one storage location and three exit storage locations, one of which offers the possibility of returning partially emptied pallets back in to storage. All data collection is done by barcode and scanner-based handling.


The warehouse that has now been put into operation is part of a long-term plan to transform the group into an even more efficient partner for the wood and wood-based materials industry.