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Plantag at the DIPA Symposium 2021

Lecture at the LIGNA


The Digital Printing Association (DIPA) Conference on Surface Design with Digital Printing, brought international experts and users from the industry together at the end of September 2021, highlighting current trends on the topic of “designing your own surface” in connection with the possibilities of digital printing. Experiences were reported and the experts were given the opportunity to discuss ideas. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the conference was held this year as a hybrid event as part of Ligna in Hannover. The German- and English-language presentations and panel discussions were streamed live from the H’Up in Hall 18 at the exhibition site in Hannover.


Plantag Coatings GmbH was also represented and a presentation was given by Christina Baumann. She is head of the decorative foil coatings division in our company and opened the programme for the “Inks & Chemistry” block of presentations with her contribution. During this presentation, she dealt with technology trends in the field of finish foil lacquering. She showed what possibilities new raw materials and curing technologies can offer the finish foil industry and which creative possibilities result from the choice of different curing processes and process parameters.


The lectures ended with a panel discussion. Here Dr. Simon Leimgruber, Dr. Stefan Kappaun, Christina Baumann and Yannik Hofmann discussed ideas about trends and sustainability.