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Aqua Pro-Grip APG 402

New anti-slip additive from JORDAN Lacke


Coatings on parquet floors or stairs that are too slippery are the cause of many serious accidents. The new AQUA PRO-GRIP APG 402 structure agent from JORDAN Lacke helps to ensure slip-resistant footing and minimises the risk of serious injuries.


To give lacquered parquet floors a slip-resistant surface structure, JORDAN Lacke offers with the AQUA PRO-GRIP APG 402, a structure agent that achieves slip resistance class R10 according to DIN 51130. The structure agent can not only be used for parquet floors, but also for coating stairs in combination with the JORDAN stair lacquer 1+2K AQUASTEP AS 490.


Thanks to its uncomplicated processing properties, the new AQUA PRO-GRIP APG 402 can be applied without any problems. For this purpose, the structure agent should be carefully stirred into the basecoat shortly before use. The mixing ratio is always 5 litres of basecoat to 1 container of AQUA PRO-GRIP APG 402 (2% by weight of the coating). The finished mixture should be used immediately. The material should be repeatedly stirred well to ensure an equal surface texture. AQUA PRO-GRIP APG 402 only has to be used in the last layer of the coating to achieve the required result.